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Living on One Dollar a Day

My priciest meal throughout my dollar challenge: $0.54
(Mashed potato, $0.17; 1/2 an egg, $0.15; 2 slices of toast, $0.10; black beans, $0.12; salsa, free; tap water, free)

For seven days, I spent only a dollar on food each day, and I survived. The optional assignment was inspired by an article on CNN about a woman who did the dollar challenge for a year, and my AP Environmental Science edited it and shortened it to a week long so that it is school-appropriate and doesn’t anger overprotective parents. The dollar challenge allowed students to gain a deeper understanding of the lifestyles of impoverished people living in developing counties. In some countries, people earn an income of $370 a year, which estimates to around $1 to spend a day. Continue reading Living on One Dollar a Day


Creator of a Doomed World

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.53.45 PM

Soda bottles, plastic toy container, plastic tubing, hot glue gun, check. String of buttons, not-exactly-legally-obtained plants, dirt, and water, check. Tree frog, crickets, meal worms, flightless fruit flies, check. A complete biosphere, check.

For AP Environmental Science, my teacher assigned the class to design and build a biosphere made up of three biomes, sealed off completely. No matter can enter nor leave the biosphere until we open the project. After days of planning, buying materials, and constructing, our wetland, desert, and tropical rainforests were created. Continue reading Creator of a Doomed World