Learning Outside the Classroom

Five days a week, seven hours a day, I am confined in a classroom and fed with information regurgitated by teachers. The same setting is quite discouraging, and it does not motivate me to pay attention. However, I was able to escape from the learning cage on the occasional field study trips for AP Environmental Science.


At Joshua Tree National Park, we got to learn about the geological formation of the area while sitting on the geological formations. This first-hand learning experience was much more interesting than watching videos about some far-off place or sitting through PowerPoint presentations. After learning from the teacher was finished, we were set loose to explore the area on our own. I bouldered for the first time, and I learned how to estimate the distance between boulders and how to climb smooth and steep rocks, lessons I would not have learned in a classroom setting. Like Frankenstein’s creature, I learn the most when I am exposed to the outside world and not confined to one specific area (for Frankenstine’s creature, it was the first forest it stayed in).


In these past four years at a public high school, I have found field trips to be extremely rare. Budget cuts on education has limited school funding on the “extra stuff,” but if a school’s best interest is to help expand a student’s knowledge, it should continue funding for education beyond the restrictions of a classroom.


2 thoughts on “Learning Outside the Classroom”

    1. Yes, I still remember my first field trip in the US at the Discovery Center over ten years ago! There were all kinds of unique science instruments like the string-less harp, and thanks to the trip, I learned about sound waves and vibrations.

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