Creator of a Doomed World

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Soda bottles, plastic toy container, plastic tubing, hot glue gun, check. String of buttons, not-exactly-legally-obtained plants, dirt, and water, check. Tree frog, crickets, meal worms, flightless fruit flies, check. A complete biosphere, check.

For AP Environmental Science, my teacher assigned the class to design and build a biosphere made up of three biomes, sealed off completely. No matter can enter nor leave the biosphere until we open the project. After days of planning, buying materials, and constructing, our wetland, desert, and tropical rainforests were created.


The wetland provides the water source for the biosphere. The abiotic factors and primary producers were all obtained from a nearby wetland (the darkness of the night cloaked our actions), and the flies and meal worms were bought from Petsmart.


The desert contains crickets from Petsmart and plants purchased from Home Depot. Ann’s mom went to her niece’s (nephew’s?) school in Riverside and scooped up the dry dirt from there.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 11.51.10 PM

The tropical rainforest, the most diverse biome out of the three, contains a tree frog name Prince Paul (secondary consumer) and his food: crickets and meal worms (primary consumer).

It has only been 24 hours since we sealed the project, but things have already gone awry. A meal worm managed to slither through the makeshift filter (tape with holes), and crawled into the plastic tubing. Image

Additionally, around half of the worms in the tropical rainforest (approximately 14) are stuck where the upper half of the bottle overlaps the bottom half (no picture will be included due to graphic content), and five of the meal worms in the wetland have already committed suicide and drowned themselves in the water. Prince Paul seems unhappy in the rainforest since he has nested himself in the plastic tubing junction (blocked) after attempting to escape.

The world that Ann and I created is spiraling out of control. Similar to how Hamlet tried to take matters in his own hands and avenge his father’s death but ended up harming the people he loved, my Prince Paul is the victim of my creation.



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