D-Day is on November 1st (For Some)

It’s late October already, so that means D-day, or college application due date, for seniors and other college applicants is fast approaching. For early action/ decision applicants, that day is much sooner, some time in early November.


The known unknown, or uncertainty, of whether or not Common App will crash on the due dates makes me feel paranoid. In order to avoid the infamous Internet traffic jam on November 1st, the due date for early action for Notre Dame, I have decided to submit my application this Friday, October 26th. Yet with still one writing supplement and three art supplements to finish, I highly doubt I will be able to follow through with the plan. So far, my college application process has been smooth sailing since I have  the advantage of receiving helpful tips from my three older siblings who are currently attending Stanford, Harvey Mudd, and UCI. Additionally, the college and career counselor is always reachable and can answer my questions even through email. The other two major player in my application process is my English teacher. He happily and more than willingly gave up his time to proofread my essays and provide helpful feedback, and I showed my appreciation with taco and boba payments. Tip for all students: Be sure to thank your teachers for their time! To Mr. T:

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 6.58.29 PM-Mimi


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