Writing Supplement, Art Supplement, Music Supplement…. How much is enough??

1 Common App essay, 3 writing supplements, 4 music supplements, 2 recommendation letters (1 from my academic teacher and 1 from my club advisor), yet I still have a nagging feeling that I am not good enough to become a Fighting Irish at University of Notre Dame.

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What else can I add?? A video of me playing Kabalevsky at the age of 10? An original composition made during my sophomore year? Continue reading Writing Supplement, Art Supplement, Music Supplement…. How much is enough??


D-Day is on November 1st (For Some)

It’s late October already, so that means D-day, or college application due date, for seniors and other college applicants is fast approaching. For early action/ decision applicants, that day is much sooner, some time in early November.


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Con Artist Neal Caffrey Steals My Heart

matt-bomer-matt-bomer-34284363-500-493 Let’s all pause for a second to take in the beauty that is in contained in the 2″ x 2″ above. The perfect combination of sparkling blue eyes, the perfectly groomed stubble above and below his thin lips, and his angular face has had me hypnotized in front of the computer for hours, the spell only broken when I needed to get food in and out of my system. I watched an episode of White Collar in Japan while I was waiting for my host siblings to finish using the bathroom, and just after that one episode, the enchanting actor along with a decent plot got me to jot the name of the show down in my phone. I have not had time to relax in the comforts of my rolling chair with a cup of hot cocoa in my hand until last Saturday, when I burned through six 50-minute-long episodes of jewelry heist, art forgery, and gang conflicts cases. Continue reading Con Artist Neal Caffrey Steals My Heart

(Me)^2 Xn

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I am (Me)^2 Xn. Square “me,” pronounce the Greek letter chi incorrectly, add on a variable “n” to the end, and you will know my name. To me, everything is a puzzle. Life is a puzzle. We lay down the edge and corner pieces first because like education and parent guidance, they prepare us for what is to come. The inner pieces represent our adventures, experiences, family, people who we meet, emotions, thoughts, etc. With all the pieces together, the entire puzzle represents the world that we had constructed our actions and others’ help. As you can probably guess, I am a nerd. While many people tag the word with a negative connotation, I would like to agree to disagree. A nerd is passionate about what he or she does, whether it is playing League of Legends or studying for the upcoming AP Calculus final. Passion drives one to improve oneself, excel, and achieve one’s dreams. Dreams and imagination are interrelated. We use our imagination to formulate dreams and goals that we strive to reach or wish to reach. Some imagination remains trapped in our dreams, but others escape, and that kind of imagination is the root of innovation, the derivative of a solution, and the first step to a creation. -Mimi